Making land ownership easy and affordable for everyone is what we do!


We believe in making it easy and affordable for everyone to become a landowner. Our business model is to offer land for sale below market value by offering discounts for paying cash, so we don’t offer in-house financing. However, we understand not everyone has all the funds in place to pay cash. If you aren’t able to pay in cash, check out our easy financing options below.


Getting a loan for vacant land can be difficult with traditional lenders. Most banks and credit unions will not issue loans for purchasing vacant land unless you plan on building a home on it right away.

For your convenience, we have located several lenders who do offer loan programs for vacant land. We are not affiliated with any of these lenders and don’t receive any compensation should you use them. However, we have personally used LightStream and can report we’ve had a pleasant experience with them. 

These lenders typically offer loans for folks with good to better credit scores, so they may be harder to qualify for if your score is lower. However, if you are approved for one of these loans, you’ll be able to purchase our properties at the same discounted cash price.


If you don’t qualify for a loan from a financial institution, you may qualify for a loan with a private lender. We have relationships with private individuals who have money to invest and are more than happy to loan their money to folks like you who want to buy vacant land. 

Typically, it’s much easier to get a loan this way compared to the financial institutions. Oftentimes, there are no credit checks required and down payments are low. The downside is you will usually pay a higher interest rate than with a financial institution and unlike our cash sales, you won’t receive the deed until the loan is paid off. You’ll also pay a higher price for the property because you won’t receive our discounted cash sale price. However, you will be able to purchase the land of your dreams at an affordable monthly payment that works for you.

If you aren’t able to get a loan from a financial institution and you’re interested in working with a private lender, choose your property and contact us to get the process started.

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